Day after day i improve my pain
some day i feel sad somme day i feel happy
some day i think to my friend
some day i think to my family
some day i need to go away and some day i’m feel free
some day i love my self and some day i hate him
some day think that i know the truth and today i’m forget in my pain
but all the day i feel something , that never change
and all of my life there is the link between all in univers

I can leave my think, my body , my breath, my friends, my family, my therory ,my country,i can leave this grey cloud, the sun,moumtains,desert, sea, my life love can leaving me ,but the link between all in univers stay here. I can change nothing i can change evrything this life link between all of us stay i can dying, i can reborn ,hurt my self a million of times, the life link between all things in univers stay here .

Red Moon