Un événement Cosmique avec Grigori Grabovoi !

SQ1:Le départ

Inscrivez-vous au prochain webinaire de Grigori Grabovoi, où ensemble, nous allons expérimenter et activer le processus du Saut Quantique pour la planète!

Mercredi, 14 Juin à 20h30

Une traduction simultanée en Anglais, Portugais, Allemand, Espagnol et Français.

Ce n’est pas un séminaire en ligne, c’est un événement cosmique.

Inscrivez-vous ici et partagez le lien pour l’inscription de vos amis et de vos proches.

Rendez-vous en ligne avec Grigori Grabovoi et des milliers de personnes de partout dans le monde, le 14 Juin à 20,30 (Rome, Berlin, Paris).

Lien: luigistefanocandela.activehosted.com


A cosmic event with Grigori Grabovoi!

The Mother Earth calls. She call trees, stones, animals that fly, swim, walk and swim It is a task of man to cross the threshold, to begin the process. The process that will lead to a completely new land, to a different and better relationship among all living beings, peace on the planet has begun.

In the beginning, we together, eternity and soon we will continue the construction of our common world to guarantee a happy eternal life for all living beings, which have roots, wings or legs. The Garden of Eden is back: We must go beyond this threshold. With a great effort of Controling the reality guided by Grigori Grabovoi.

There are no other more important things, other tasks, there is only one common objective that we must build: to change the collective reality.
Your help is sought, your effort, your dedication, your conscious Love. It is time to unite, collaborate, promote with the Spirit of Truth, and with all the passion of our hearts, to lead the planet online at once Together, to drive for Eternal Life. You are invited personally, as well as all your friends, relatives, colleagues.

It is not a webinar, but a Cosmic Event.

Register here on this link, and invite your guests to participate.
We see ourselves online, and millions of people from all over the world, on June 14 at 3:30 pm (Brazil time)

Link: luigistefanocandela.activehosted.com

Global Salvation